Sunday, February 5, 2012


Many of my friends already have their own blogs.
Me? I like to say myself as quite a reserved person...I like to keep something to myself.
But...sometimes I'm quite opinionated too.
I share my views among friends.
I tweet some piece of mind on the twitter (even if I dunno who's actually interested, LOL)
Ahh..the frustration of the 140 character limit! (not a big fan of Twitlonger though)
THIS is where this blog would come handy..a place for me to rant..or comments..or share the views...or just bitchin' to my heart content :D
Since this is a personal blog for me..I hope sometimes some of U would find some infos useful.
I planned to do some updates on some GAFIMMERS activity (yeah, I'm a's an AF thingie)..or some review of movie/theater/concert/show that I've watched...or just to share what happened around me, kisah orang2 kesayangan saye...
I also feel interested to write about my passion in horoscope (buddies call me 'Madam Zorra' T__T), anime, myth, books...and many more :)

My 10 'Muse'

OK..since it's me and my moods, and before u'll become confused with my (sort of) split-personality in writing, maybe the colour label would become handy in expecting the elements that would dominate the writing! Call them my 'muse' :)

Miss Lara - The 'Authentic' Me :) - A mix up of all emotions
Mr.Red - The Hot-Blooded One - Mind the cursing! Penuh rasa yg membuak-buak.. DIE!!!
Pinky-chan - Bubbly & Fangirly - Bersedia dengan review2 penuh 'keriangan',bukan bimbo, LOL
Blue Diva - The Stuck-Up Prude -Sedia memberi pandangan sinis yg kdg2 sket 'kejam' & dingin
Saiyyidah Hijau - The Muslimah - Harapan ke arah kebaikan dunia akhirat
Grey Girl - The Emo - Depression, stressed, sentimental mode, insecurities...
Cik Jingga - Artsy Side - Kadangkala penuh dengan sastera dan bunga bahasa :)
Sis Yellow - The Shine - Sentiasa positif, berkeyakinan, ceria, penuh semangat dan harapan
Dewi Lavender - Loving -  Penyayang, keibuan dan sahabat yang baik ^_^
Madam Olive - The Nerd - Ulat buku, pemalu, socially awkward tp matang 

(Segala gambaran hanyalah illustrasi sampingan semata-mata. Yeah, I love colours, hehe)

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